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We trace our humble beginning since 1994, a period when Malaysia was facing shortage of container for export. This prompted Shipping lines to reposition empty containers from neighbouring countries to fulfill the demand of containers in Malaysia. Furthermore, merchants were detaining the containers above the free days allocated.

Thereafter, in mid 1994, a scheme was mooted by industry captains to expedite empty container return and also to reduce cost of empty repositioning. The scheme was to monitor and collect detention charges from merchants for holding the container beyond the free days allocated. Thus, an independent party was to be appointed to manage the scheme on behalf of the Shipping industry across all Ports in Malaysia.

In 1996, the scheme was successfully running live on an IT system integrated with Shipping lines into container movement at ports and container depots across the country. Merchants are able to track the container movement and ensure container returned more efficiently using first in first out (FIF0) method.

Ever since then, the industry has celebrated the success of the scheme, which has improved container turnaround from an average of 35 days to 4 days, saving the stakeholders more than RM2 billion.


D&D Control’s ethical and value based business principles have since protected shipping line’s data and confidentiality of container movement since 1996. Today, D&D Control is seen by many as an industry regulator of best practices in container management.

Over the years, D&D Control has compiled the largest industry database of over 120,000 industry stakeholders’ information including but not limited to:

  1. Ports
  2. Forwarders
  3. Freight forwarders
  4. Hauliers
  5. Shippers
  1. Consignees
  2. Container Depots
  3. Main Line Operators
  4. NVOCCs

D&D Control is the industry leader in container monitoring, collection of detention, demurrage, maintenance and repair charges on behalf of the shipping lines. Our proprietary monitoring system is specifically designed and developed by our own In-house IT team, customizing the core technology and workflow to cater to the dynamic changing needs and landscape of shipping lines in Malaysia.