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Highly Skilled People

The skills include people skills, negotiation skills, communication skills, and certain personality types that are required to get the job done and secure the best outcomes.

Extensive industry related collection experience with deep understanding on Import and Export workflow process through various intermediaries roles & responsibility, the circumstances of the customer, experience working on large, valuable, often complex collection and sometimes high risk negotiations before initiating next course of action.

Wealth of knowledge, professional and highly skilled specialist to deal with customers more delicately on recovering debts in a variety of circumstances and at most convenient time. Also experts in uncovering valuable information to ascertain affordability of customer.

Our talents are hired through a systematic hiring and diligent screening process. Thereafter, selected candidates will undergo rigorous pre-assessment, interview(s), induction and on-the-job training to equip them with the skills to deal with even the most complex customer.

Quality Assessment
Our QA team always learns from the calls being made and ensures complete transparency of the processes and tweak our caller dashboards with new ideas to employ especially when dealing with tough debtors. The talent are monitored thru contact made with customer for non conformance to internal SOP. Subsequently, talent will be subject to Performance improvement plan, failing which will be fired.

Technology Adoption

Debt Management Software / Tools
Monitoring of unpaid debts with dynamic debt collection software which allows for daily task monitoring and segmentation of accounts coupled with integration to SMS engine, Email and auto dialer.

State of the Art Call Centre Technology
Have all the advance tools and technology for flawless communication process such as Banking grade data centers, access control, robust state-of-art call center technology, CCTV surveillance, redundant security and backup systems to ensure that you have access to world-class infrastructure at all times without spending for it. 

Compliance Tools
These tools help ensure full compliance with legal requirements which includes voice recording, dunning of negotiation, summary status of account, classification of debts, segmentation of customers, Field Visitation and Reminder notice.

Self Service Technology
D&D web is able to handle two way communications on outstanding invoices and advance payment. Customer will also receive early notification of overdue invoice before new shipment arrival to help settle old debts.

Data Analytics
Quantitative and Qualitative data in D&D System and using predictive Analytics to help cluster the chances of non payment of outstanding.


Collection Strategy

100% focus on Collection
D&D in only involved in the Collection business by providing quality effort with 100% focused on delinquent accounts.

The entire collection process is transparent, professional and trusted to ensure better relations with the customers. It creates a shorter debt collection cycles, which reduces the time spent on collection activities.

The most suitable talent is assigned to handle specific customers such as senior executives are assigned to special and VIP customers.


Industry Participants
D&D have successfully engaged haulage, depot, forwarders, port and government authority to constantly strengthen the collection industry in Malaysia.

Market Information
The business has been in operations since 1994 and currently has Big Data of Information with over 120,000 industry contact information especially importer and exporter and have since treated all information as Private and Confidential. All staff are also subject to signing NDA to ensure customer data is secured.

Industry Expert

Providing collection services since 1994 to logistics industry all around the country and have since collected over RM 2 billion on behalf of customer.

Confident in the ability to remove the emotions during conversation and focus on collection professionally.

Trusted Company
Assured returns and results in compliance with internal Service Levels and within budget.

Best practices
Comply with requirements and implementation of industry best practices and guidelines, which includes keeping up with the latest technology, software innovations, and industry benchmarks to ensure optimal results.

Return on Investment

Internal cost
The cost of hiring, training and performing collection tasks in-house is often far more than it is to outsource that work to D&D.

Sales and finance employees can focus on generating sales and improving administrative functions while collection is outsourced to D&D.

The results speak volumes with returns exceeding 60% compared to internal results and fees absolutely based on success only. Small business debts written off has a small possibility that these debts can still be recovered.

Legal Fees
Court cases is an expensive way to recover debts, even if the judgement is made in favour, there are no guarantees that customer will make payment. This then leads on to further costs to enforce the judgement, resulting in a legal bill potentially bigger than the original debt. D&D will also advise if the customer has the ability to make payments even after exhausting negotiations and payment options.


Skip Tracing

Customers not responding
Continuous strategy to contact debtors thru various communications tool to reach the Customer including Social media.

Operating in different company name
Debtors change company name or register new company with existing address is easily captured through D&D system analytics. This will trap the customer with outstanding payments.

Tracing and Validation
D&D System has over 120,000 contact information of various industry parties including Importer and Exporters operating at all major Ports in Malaysia. The Big Data is used for tracing and validation of contact information.

Third Party Database
D&D also has access to external database of company and individuals including live searches that in-house teams may have difficulty finding.

Regulated Industry

High regulated
Collection industry is highly regulated and subject to continually changing laws and policies. This includes employee screening before handling collection and recovery services.

D&D Collection is sensitive with compliance and constantly updates rules and regulations affecting collection industry to avoid reputation at risk especially with hefty fines, penalties and non-compliance when it comes to legal matters if things escalate.

Fire, Burglary, Public Liability, Fidelity Guarantee, Money in transit & in premises and Professional Indemnity are covered.

Security Policy
Information and Data security policies, including robust Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan has been established.

Legal Enforcement

Legal Negotiation
Employees are trained with specialty in legal negotiation and have since handled over 80 types of non payment reason. They are familiar with all the rules and regulations involved in debt collection and its penalties.

Legal Action
D&D is able to determine if the legal action is worth to be taken depending on the size of the firm and value of the debt. D&D will verify customer as high profile and affordability to pay debts before proceeding with legal action.

Documentation Proof
Every action taken is captured in D&D System for each and every account which includes PIC, time, dunning, voice recording, action taken. These information is utilized to ensure next course of action has documentation proof.


Simplified Collection Process

This includes tracing customers, collection prioritization, resilient script to handle objections, concluding payment proposals, monitoring of overdue invoices, as well as enforcement of legal action as and when necessary.

Consistency in Approach with
Internally developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to handle over 80 types of payment objections.

Services Availability
Customers are able to check outstanding invoices thru D&D Customer care web anytime 24 x 7.

Payment channels
Multiple payment channels that includes IBG, Cash, Cheque, Advance payment, Ledger account, etc to ensure smooth facilitation of import and export process.

D&D is currently operating offices nearby busy Ports in Malaysia such as Port Klang, Pasir Gudang, Penang, Kuantan, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu.


D&D will assign a dedicated project manager to your project who ensures that our support team is always ready to answer your queries. Upon request, Customer can gain access to detailed reports accessible both online and offline through multiple devices.

Industry wide Watch List
D&D will share industry wide list of customers who has a genuine outstanding payment with other industry participants. Therefore, the customer might be subject to more stringent credit rating which may result in advance payment requirements.

Other Actions

Reminder Note
A reminder note shall serve as a written demand for payment. It puts customer on notice that payment is due and the debt is outside your credit terms. The notice will cover details of the debt, indicate the date payment is expected and advise your customer that should payment not be made by the date indicated, further action may be taken to recover the debts.

Collection team will be allowed to make visitation request for customers who have stop responding or unable to trace through available communication tools. The visitation will include a set of photographs and negotiation with customers to ensure payment continues or sizing up affordability of customers.


Customer Satisfaction

Soft Approach
A soft debt collection process will enhance customer experience and manage reputation of your brand while optimizing recovery of debts.

Payment Options
Professional discussion on various available options to convert slow paying customers to good paying customers with the satisfactory amount or arrangements coupled with constant follow-up to ensure payment is collected.

Bad Role
Collection is seen to be a bad role with negative interactions of collecting debts. D&D is willing to undertake this tough task to ensure objective is met with soft debt collection approach.

Dispute Management

D&D knows that disputes must be handled promptly in order to speed up the recovery of debts.

Constant negotiations with various levels will ensure debt is given priority by customer for payment.

Payment Arrangement
Customers with short term cash flow concerns can have new promise to pay dates which will fit into lines schedule.

70% of disputes are quickly settled through effective segmentation strategies which have resulted in significant commission savings.


Enhanced Efficiency

Data Analytics into 120,000 database of industry records for the purpose of data mining to improve risk management and enhance specific control mechanisms.

Proactive collection of Detention & Demurrage with D&D Control as the industry expert in collection.

Improve Container Turnaround time with industry best practices with an efficient collection process.

Focus on core activity of KYC (Know Your Customer) and increase core revenue to improve market share of the industry.

Long overstay containers will have progressive invoices to reduce collection risk.

Real time Information of receipt reports, statement of account, invoice report and free days analysis are made available online.