CLA Talent

Welcoming potential talents to be an integral part of our family!

A dynamic platform whereby we are paving the way for your career growth in a digital ecosystem while learning and staying connected within Container Logistics Supply Chain and its community.

By communicating expertise and competencies, we aspire to provide total service excellence to the community. Thus, your talents would be recognized and appreciated by us.

Our people are treated as our important assets. Hence, we emphasize imparting all the wisdom and knowledge needed in personalized training to produce a more genial learning curve.

Its ultimate goal is to have infinite happiness, a mutually beneficial engagement, and success in our journey together.

Personal Driver

Finance & Accounts

Business Development

Human Resource Strategic (HR)

Human Resource Executive (HR)

Insurance Business Development

Data Management (Data Entry)

Customer Support

CLA Internship Programme

Welcoming bright students from all around the globe!

A platform designed for you to enjoy the dynamic culture of Container Logistics Community.

Aims to enhance your potentials/employability in Container Logistics Supply Chain and promoting a personalised learning content with the guidance from our people drawn from many disciplines.

A golden chance to boost the real-life work exposure and familiarized in digital ecosystem. Plus, we offered both virtual and/or physical internships (hybrid-remote option).

It is catered for local and international students. Hence, internships are available at any of our offices.

Intern recruitment is an on-going basis and application are accepted throughout the year. To apply, email us at and we will be in touch with you should there be an opportunity.